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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Learn and Earn is NOT the Ohio Lottery

Unlike the Ohio Lottery, which was a bill of goods that we bought, the Ohio Learn & Earn program will establish private savings accounts in each student's name. As he or she completes a grade, the student "earns" points that can later be used to cash in for scholarship dollars to any Ohio public or private university.

The average scholarship amount in based on the average cost of tuition at Ohio's public and private colleges and universities.

So... 30% of the gross revenue goes to scholarships (est. $1,000,000,000) and then other percentages are paid to each Ohio County for Economic Development, and than an additional percentage is set aside for Gambling Addiction counseling.

Gambling is not the SAVIOR for Ohio's economy - nor should we want it to be. The money is already leaving Ohio for our neighboring states and their slot machines and gaming options. This will be a big boost for the 7 Ohio Racetracks, two Downtown Cleveland locations, and the surrounding communities.

That being said, the Ohio Lottery was misguided, misrepresented, and misappropriated. Legislators used to money to feed their pet projects like the 711 connector and Youngstown Convocation Center, but Learn & Earn in NOT the Ohio Lottery.
Read the full ammendment and see for yourself. I am just an educated supporter and you can make your own decisions based on the facts.

You should support Learn & Earn, because as their slogan says... A lot of good will come of this!

I will be interested to see which politicians make this a campaign issue and which avoid it. I think that it is a great amendment and more people should be talking about it!

Monday, July 10, 2006


Bloggers obviously are following the race for Governor of the Great State of Ohio, but is anyone else?

While standing around the water cooler, I asked folks that I work with what they thought of the Ohio Gov's race -- and with a puzzled look -- they respond back with... "Who is our Governor? Who is running? It doesn't matter, they are all crooks anyway..."

As a true progressive, I find this apathy to be more dangerous now than it was with George W. At least we knew GWB and his goals for a second term.

J. Kenneth is as right (and wrong at the same time) as they come. I had the misfortune to hear him speak at the National Day of Prayer breakfast, and I would have thought that it was Rev. J. Kenneth Blackwell not Ohio Secretary of State.

Congressman Ted Strickland, D-Ohio 17, brings new life to the state wide political scene for all parties in Ohio. Strickland's supporters are Democrats, independents, and from sources inside the campaign 35-40% of Cong. Strickland's donations are coming from Republicans.

Why would republicans support a Democrat? Why would anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-gun control, and religious zealots support Ted Strickland for Governor?

Some have said that it may be the poor leadership of Bob Taft, the fact that Ted Strickland himself is semi-conservative, maybe it is because the former Methodist Minister Ted Strickland has deep religious convictions.

Ted Strickland, who leads Ken Blackwell in the polls, has avoided the divisive issues in the State of the Ohio. In 2004, the election was framed around GOD, guns, and gays. Now here in 2006, what are the main issues? Gambling? Minimum Wage? Workers Compensation Reform? TEL/TABOR? No one really knows yet.

If you watch the commercials of Ted Strickland -- what do you learn? Ted Strickland lived in a chicken coupe, that Ted's brother looks like Kenny Rogers (I think his name is Roger), and that he is running for governor. What about the issues? What's Ted's plan for fixing the unconstitutionally funded education system in Ohio? What's Ted's plan for properly funding higher education so that Ohio will no longer rank 49 of 50 states in college affordable? What is Strickland's view on the State Minimum Wage? Does Ted Strickland support the Domestic Marriage amendment? We know from John Kerry's Boardman, Ohio blunder that Congressman Ted Strickland is a hunter, endorsed by the National Riffle Association, but what are his plans for taking the guns away from the criminals and protecting hunters rights?

Visit Ted Strickland's website at:

What will you learn? That Ted wants JOBS in Ohio -- no crap Ted! Does J. Kenneth want jobs to leave Ohio? Is J. Kenneth rolling out a job exportation policy? Heck no! "Ohio needs better energy independence..." Ted Strickand -- of course we do, but how are you going to do it?

Current Governor Bob Taft this past week enacted a law to require E85 (85% Ethanol) fuel to be used in all non-emergency State vehicles. How does this issue separate Ted from the current administration?

Let me reference the title of my blog by explaining it. I support Ted Strickland for governor, but someone needs to get STRICT about Ted Strickland. Someone inside the campaign needs to start talking about the issues that will set Ted Strickland above and apart from his Democratic colleagues and his Republican opponents.

George Lakoff says that in order to win elections, you need to properly frame the issues. Framing the issues can not be done by copying the language and issues from your opposition and doing exactly as they do.

TED -- separate yourself and MOVE OHIO FORWARD!

...and as for J. Kenneth... Thank you for your service, but YOU'RE FIRED! Leave the voter intimidation and suppression to the professionals -- oh wait... You are the professional.